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N1MM info-field multi user

Recently I connected my old FT102 again.
The rise was a visitor that walked past my house seeing the antenna's  interested in radio and  had recently obtained an F-licence PA3JK .
I loaned him my FT102 that was switched off 3 years since i have the K3.
It is still working okay after cleaning some relay contacts.
This Transceiver has a very good receiver but it missing the CAT connection it was developed in the 70's .
Since I had to test the FT102 again on 40m  I found that it is convenient  to have an other TRX
operational. I have separate antenna's and the set is standing at the desk anyway.
I have set N1MM in multiuser  Networked-computer mode to be able to log  both.

N1MM in multi-user mode gives the possibility to log at more positions.
N1MM is running local on both PC  positions. The database is updated on both.
The Laptop for the IC706 / FT102 and the PC for the K3.
Nothing new  for multi contest operators  but i never tried this.
The N1MM manual is excellent for s…