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Stew Perry 160

Always high expectations for this contest but now we have poor low band propagation era with high SF figures.. 190 QSO  Final contest of 2013 the Stew Perry 160m DX Challenge propagation poor as expected best DX    22point NP2X FM5CD    in the past hard to QSO but his year easy.  Improved EU RX antenna ? W6IZT KV4FZ  heard only JH4UYB JA3YBK HD2RAE CE1/K7CA In the morning only a few weak signals  I should have gone back to bed.. Hoping to catch HD2RAE  but his  signal was at best just Q5 and had better path to Scandinavia when I heard him a bit better. I heard them until 9 am >1 hour after sunrise working W annoyances  this week: Web browsers freezing my PC's They refuse to switch off and resist the taskmanager switching the process off. On both of my PC's It seems like a war between MS and other browsers is going on. When starting Gmail in MS-IE a warning pops up advising you to use a modern browser like Chrome.... That kind of messages indicat


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