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Just a "small" burp of the Sun and we are back in business.

Great WSPR propagation day again  and still going on 15 to USA Westcoast. at 20 UTC 10M  this morning ZL3PX  strong into W-EU in JO33  my neighboring ham  got +5 dB snr report.  Strange I was not copied by ZL3PX today. But into VK2BLS QF55kk  VK2KRR  VK3SMC VK2XN  VK5ZK VK5BC  VK6DZ VK6XT VK6ZRY VK6ZD  and again to the only AF FR1GZ   all on 28MHz   VK7DIK 80m again in evening SS time The flux figure went op to 111 Is cycle 24  finally starting now or is this a stand alone event?    The solar flare from sunspot 1158 was directed to the Earth. A pity the sun does not account our contest calendar it missed the PACC by 1 day.  Not that i could  complain  with quite a lot USA including 2  Californian stations with 100W + dipole on 21MHz. But for the east it came to late. Last year i was travelling for QRL had to miss the PACC.  2009 we had an opening to JA. This year 10m (in CW)  PA DL ON UK4  no ES very closed Just a "small"  burp of the Sun and we are back


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