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new in WSPR 28 VP8DOI Southpole

Today poor 28 MHz Propagation to VK vanished complete after weeks of ZL VK decodes. But  to the south it is still open. And to the north west to Greenland XP3A GP and west-USA CM DM EN squares New  VP8DOI    first time at 28  new square HB64vj Antarctica  after DP0POL and  VK0TH Macquari Island   the 3rd Antarctic WSPR activity  good to see a HAM that values this rare radio location with a wspr propagation reporter beacon Would have been nice that the hams at the Falklands would go WSPR too but they seem to be unable to run WSPR ??  2014-04-10 14:38   PA0O   28.126009   -22   0   JO33hg   1   VP8DOI   HB64vj   14527   19 VP8DOI 2014 Amateur Radio from Antarctica Halley Research Station 75°61'S, 26°24'W 2014-04-06 I’ve finally gotten around to constructing an antenna (160m dipole), which I am breaking in by running wspr. By using this mode I can leave it running 24/7 to get an idea of how propagation changes throughout the day. Until I investiga


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