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7O6T Jemen comming soon (QRM pileups expected.. / K3 on 70MHz they start at 21:00 UTC 30 April Today again there was ES on 70MHz  not here but west G was working to CT.  And I found I was not ready for it. Got a bad  audio report when calling USB very bad report. Now after running WSPR mode on 70.091 since the end of January  many many WSPR reports are received and decoded using the Flex1500 and WSPR V2.21. I got it reasonable stable and the time-on counts is over 1200hours already. Now the ES season is approaching but operating  CW or Phone is a headache.  The internal keyer is useless, the SDR time delay make it impossible to give code I could not send my own callsign I tried it impossible!  And in the past I have used keyers  that nobody could use. CQ-ing using my tones is way easier then  let the code pass the SDR processing... In phone the output is too low few microwatts?  in digimode tune or CW  the level is normal about 0dBm. The microphone gain must be set very low or the audio will be totally  d


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