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WSPR propagation reporter 4m first time to 4X1RF

 4X1RF  4m WSPR  for the first time. After many many 6m reports Thanks Chris for starting listening 4m as the only outside EU 4m DX  WSPR ham. Much more must be possible  9K Gulf area  but not many hams or SWL seems to be interested. SWL WSPR reports are much! appreciated and  direct visible in the online map / database. I like to be QRV when at QRL this wspr mode is by far the best beacon mode and! reporter. It is the only tx/rx mode unattended it can be combined with CW ID to be human decodable. Strange that the 4m web site never mentioned  the existence of WSPR propagation reporter. The best propagation tool ever is not recognized. In stead using their existing radio in WSPR mode Some 4m hams are planning to build high power beacons. Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2015-07-09 07:02   PA0O   70.092539   -20   -1   JO33hg   5   4X1RF   KM72ls   3201   124   2015-07-09 07:14   PA0O   70.092538   -25   -1   JO33hg   5   4X1RF   KM72ls 


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