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I did S&P  looking for goody's  not full time contest. The propagation did peak  Thursday at 10m  a bit too earl y   Just in the weekend the propagation was in a dip but still 10M sho wed  a lot activity  and good dx like KH7 X strong over longpath. N1MM  K3.  I am having more and mo re problems CAT connection is lost  with overflow error pop-up very often . Asking  to send error report almost every few minutes. T he  frequency ruler gives wild frequency's  and the inpu t field is wiped out. I experience t his problem  long time now .   I think it started since the switch   from XP / W2000 to W7 few years back although  also with XP I noticed this problem but rare.  I have n ot observed communication problems when using a normal system comport and W2 k  or XP I think I can say.  V ery an no ying  and some QSO's where lost . This did not happen often  and if it did it was while  logging  normal QSO' s   not  in contest style. But it becam


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