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I did S&P  looking for goody's  not full time contest.
The propagation did peak  Thursday at 10m  a bit too early  
Just in the weekend the propagation was in a dip but still 10M showed  a lot activity  and good dx like KH7X strong over longpath.
N1MM  K3.  I am having more and more problems
CAT connection is lost  with overflow error pop-up very often.
Asking  to send error report almost every few minutes.
The frequency ruler gives wild frequency's  and the input field is wiped out.

I experience this problem  long time now. I think it started since the switchfrom XP/ W2000 to W7 few years back although  also with XP I noticed this problem but rare. 
I have not observed communication problems when using a normal system comport and W2k  or XP I think I can say. 
Very annoying  and some QSO's where lost.This did not happen often  and if it did it was while  logging  normal QSO's   not  in contest style.
But it became worse for yet unknown reason and now it is  unworkable.

To …