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28 December // N1MM issues Dutch

                                             10m  160m at the 27  December  now we know this were the last days with exceptional high band propagation f.t.t.b.  N1MM perikelen... In CW contest sinds kort random bevriest het programma , invoer stopt  CW TX stopt , na een aantal seconden word het log veld zwart en stopt ook de CAT verbinding. Dit had ik een paar jaar geleden ook,  oorzaak was toen een aangesloten USB SSD.  Hierdoor bevriest de toetsenbord invoer . Daarna heb ik jaren probleemloos kunnen contesten met N1MM. Echter tijdens de CQWW-CW was het weer raak seconden lang bevriest N1MM De QSO's worden hierdoor verknoeid zeker als je net in een pileup bent. Ik heb tot nu geen oorzaak gevonden het moet wel aan mijn PC  of een  malware programma liggen PA4O had deze problemen niet. Ik verwijder zoveel mogelijk malware en hoop dat de boosdoener daar bij zit. mogelijk is er een verband met Telnet en traag i-net De PC is Win7-64 12GB ram SSD 500G  i7 8 core het is een snelle Laptop

28MHz 27 December

     Storm Bela nasty weather mast lowered in the morning no VK seen Sunday    Stew Perry 160m dx challenge Sunday early good signals better then during ARRL160  low band finally seems to improve a bit. 

Veul heil en zegen ofwel Merry XMAS HNY

    heard VK3IK PT  BOB QV  VK5ST  but again it seems one way propagation this morning   K3 3 ele  Acom1000 power                                28MHz  FT8  as seen several morning openings 

ARRL 10m contest December 2020

Mode CW  N1MM K3 ACOM1000  3ele Steppir 18m a.g. SFI was 82,  some days ago  it dropped down from 105 with good openings to VK almost daily (FT8) The ARRL10m ,one of my favorites in pre JT years . How would it be now  did JT  kill ham radio ? I think the answer is no, CW is still alive    Surprisingly also DX was possible in CW at peak times The goodies: VK6WX   4D3X (=DU)  E25KAE E29TGW (=HS)  V51YJ ZD7BG L33M LU8MHL LW1D LW5HR XQ3WD CE2ML PT3T  ZF5T KP2M  K1MM  & other FLA here in JO33HG only weak Florida calls heard Remarkable: not a single EA not even EA8  heard  some runs to EU East-EU  and S&P for the few  Asian's in the band.  no SV just one Italian but plenty UR YO LZ LY YL DL OK OM HA    Today Monday morning  in FT8 a lot of EU calls    and VK8AW on the screen..

ARRL160 CW and 80m wspr

ARRL160 CW  was very!  tough going .No remembrance  of such weak signals  during the ARRL160 CW Even the big guns had EME like signals. I stumbled over an similar experience by another contester but that was "on" Facebook or twitter lost it.          Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec  Pt/Q          1.8      57     114   24   2.0        Total      57     114   24   2.0 Low band propagation  season has yet to come..   But 80m propagation is real good over long time now almost daily ZL reports evening or morning longpath over S.A. ( as always calculated short path)   Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az Mode # Spots  2020-12-07 07:26   PA0O   3.570185   -24   0   JO33hg   5   ZL2BCI   RE79nd   18387   37   2   3   2020-12-07 07:26   PA0O   3.570185   -26   0   JO33hg   5   ZL2005SWL   RE68mx   18315   42   2   3   2020-12-06 17:46   VK7DIK   3.570144   -18   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   8   2020-12-06 18:20   VK6XT   3.570004   -16   0   OF86



10m FT8 WAC in one day was possible

 Today 10m  in very good shape again.   first time 2-way since long time ZL3NB   yesterday  ZL2RX rx report   And the "usual" Australia Asia  Philippines with  callsigns like 4F3BZ and 4E1RA       ZS JT1    good USA opening  and SA    WAC in one day      Would be nice if good propagation stretches over the week for ARRL10m  12 December..... But normally the propagation will fall just before the weekend... what it did .. 10M today I have the Flex1500 running rx/tx  80m  5W   rx antenna Beverage the MW, LW, 160 propagation is not so good but 80m is real good the Flex1500 shows very good SNR in WSPR mode   relative to other reporters i have yet not seen 80m VK7DIK  at-10 before with the K3 could be the propagation of course.  pity there is no tx-ing ZL and no Oceania in wspr 80m  Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az Mode  2020-12-03 18:50   VK7DIK   3.570144   -12   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2020-12-03 16:30   VK7DIK   3.570144   -1




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