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vele decodes van CN8LI 50MHz WSPR vandaag en weer een scherpe greyline piek op 80m 160m is prut  maar 80m blijft bruikbaar voor DX toch niet prut   an explosion of VK activity @160M tonight! unexpected result 2011-05-27 20:50   PA0O   1.838026   -26   0   JO33hg   5   VK5PJ   PF95mk   15778   80 2011-05-27 18:44   PA0O   3.594169   -24   -1   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84   2011-05-27 19:44   PA0O   3.594170   -16   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84   2011-05-27 20:02   PA0O   3.594164   -24   0   JO33hg   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16119   64   2011-05-27 19:44   PA0O   3.594164   -25   0   JO33hg   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16119   64   2011-05-27 20:30   PA0O   3.594164   -21   0   JO33hg   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16119   64   2011-05-27 20:08   PA0O   3.594164   -23   0   JO33hg   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16119   64 TJ3IC  was reported 50115  downlink 50110 (...) not heard here

propagation reset

After some weeks of promising  28MHz openings.  All seems to be back to the start now. Just last Sunday morning showed VK7AB 11x ! decoding me  and VK2KRR 1x  decoded at 10meters.  The week before and after almost no signals at all. Now i have my 7ele LFA yagi for 6M in the mast again. had to take down the 10/15/20/40 dipole  to keep it easy. So I am back at 50MHz.  The LFA did show high SWR though. Last year when I first had this beam it was a perfect match. Then end of season i took it down stored it in house. Could not tune the loop for a better match. Something is changed. 50MHz had some ES openings but i did not work anything yet. I had WSPR running on it. YO6DN was the best distance sofar. Now i can be QRV during working days... The WSPR activity is low however   some decodes from F G I PA  80m  is still good at Sunset  yesterday VK7DIK 1x and tonight again around 19UTC  2011-05-26 18:56   PA0O   3.594170   -28   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731 

80m clear again

After 3 day's continious QRM at 3592.6 kHz the UTO ( Unidentified Transmitting Object) did dissapear. Since then  VK7DIK  and  VK2XN came in  few times   at grey line peak around  20 UTC  160m seems closed for DX this season. We visited Hamburg this week. Very interesting the harbor ends almost in the center of town. We saw the Queen Mary II pasing by at close distance and many other real big ships like the Aida in the drydock. You can take the free water taxi boats to make a trip over the Elbe. ( until 19 local time) Queen Mary sealing out. spelling check was lost again ..


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