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Windows 10 running in a virtual PC and projects .. a lot

I installed an older version of VM that one did not resist and installed normally woow! But after following the instructions to set up a new VM for Windows10 pressing start VM  did abort with the message core engine not found! I should reload some core engine ... cryptic  nerd crap since the core engine was not mentioned at install as a separate  part of VM So how can I reload a kernel of VM ??? It is unbelievable this software boys it is very hard to find logical working software without fatal errors.. The easiest way to explore Windows 10 is installing it in a virtual PC That is what I read on the internet i agree with that. Already longer time using Windows Virtual PC  XP  for Simatic S7 PLC software That works fine. Simatic software is not what you want to install in your system since it is short said:  a real pain in the a..  type of install If "lucky" and Siematic is installed it takes over your PC  with crazy demands like: Forbidding  to install ser


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