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First serious AURORA since ? 8 years tonight!

Just finished placing the Steppir in the mast here. Signals sounded a  bit strange at 20M  ST0R was quite strong in RTTY working W. Looks okay matching okay cable is long 60m about the rotor and Steppir controls are still not near the radio since the cables are short. But what a coincidence the first time this beam is finally there where it belongs, in the mast and the first serious Aurora since 8 years? happened... Only 1 decode by VK7DIK 80m early evening then signals where gone. Tried to work ZD8D at 1820kHz up 2  weak  qsb And ST0R 1824  heard his call  but jammed by QRI  not workable   03:11 local...still Aurora OH9SIX KP36OI 55A


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