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ZL longpath 28MHz

WSPR decodes of ZL >18.000km  observed almost daily  but  over longpath  is still rare  in the evening  we have N-America and S-America  the path to east is dark. WSPR reports a ZL decode in the evening  as shortpath DX  it should be way over 20.000km   ( 40.000- 18.312 roughly?)  Visible aurora was reported in PA I have not seen it  only Friday I heard Aurora signals on 50MHz. On Monday visible Aurora was reported  on our latitude but strange I have not heard or seen spots  of aurora propagation. Otherwise I would have been looking outside for visible aurora. I always thought that visible aurora without strong radio aurora reports was not possible? The Doppler effect of AURORA reflections make the decoding traces spread out. Therefore  WSPR does detect Aurora effects immediate. Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2014-03-05 18:20   ZL2IT   28.126085   -17   0   RF80km   5   PA0O   JO33hg   18312   337   2014-03-05 10:42   ZL2FT   28.126031   -29


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