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50.110 VO1FOG S7 01:30 local

4 June PSK reporte nice map but sometimes not all is reported This day was a top ES day i think also ES at 144MHz but could not be QRV in afternoon. When  returning home 21:30  50MHz still wide open Very good DX in FT8 mode  N.A. stronger then ever,  unfortunately no response of any DX I guess the band was too crowded  and SE Europe ham's are  better DX and stronger! in USA. DX-ing almost always easier from S-Europe The N-EU hams have to work longer anyway to bring up the high costs for the EU... deja vue now in FT8 mode After useless calling I left the FT8 zoo for old fashion CW and phone. Very quiet the regular frequencies normally crowded in this kind of openings But 50110 VO1FOG Larry  loud to S9  had a long chat it was not busy at all.. Larry was VY0HL  and  keeper of  famous beacon VE8BY now VY0SNO FP53rs heard regular in previous circle's many years ago This beacon is running 25 years now it get's very hot some power supplies died but it is stil


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