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Spring is in the air / keep heads down for DA14 tonight

Why should I ?                                          this blog contains  Dunglish new one  ZK3T  7004 CW  fb one man operation ZK3T – Tokelau Heard yesterday strong at 14007 kHz  CW  but dinner was ready... and heard at 80m CW   that is  I heard  539 clearly cqcqc Zk3T  up  at 3502 That does not necessary mean it was real since 80M is populated by some of the worse QRI types but his signal if it was a slim it was well done it sounded real not to strong It took a wile to have clear copy at 3502  because at least 5 calling on top or very near having extreme keyclicks. I am a bad DX'r  since my timing is often wrong  also this time this time I was too late to switch the PA and antenna when I was ready to call he was QRT. That happens normally only with real DX.... Propagation today 28Mhz recovered a bit we keep it in the holes   2013-02-15 09:30  VK4FP 28.126112  -25  0  QH30ip  10  PA0O  JO33hg  14933  328  2013-02-15 08:20  PA0O  28.126131  -1   0  JO33hg 


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