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4 December 144MHz good tropo opening OH

December 4 very good SM OZ OH  signals all afternoon evening at 144.174 The Dual PA 144-XPOL-18-5a  2x 9ele X yagi 5m boom was for a test in the mast. Far better f/b and good signals / reception needs a glasfiber spar in the rotor for the vertical part Compared to my light diy homemade 7el 5el 2m/4m combi.  Had to remove HF and 23cm dish/x-verter because of the glasfiber pole. Could switch H/V from down in the shack. I tested this antenna for the VRZA QSO party Used the club call sign PI4GN A vertical polarized beam of this size was never used before here. Got it working just in time it was already in the dark when the antenna work was ready. But cool east wind blowing all day had to wait to Sunday morning to raise the mast at 22m a.g. In the dark it was too risky wires got struck in the trees and jammed te mast to move. Also the weight  balance was changed  the top load was too low had to place an extra weight. Als always this takes more time then foreseen ..  20 local


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