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T otal collapse of propagation.   Saturday wh en looking up I could not find the 160m antenna . Inverted -L lay broken on the ground . Very windy conditions but dry during the day and exceptional warm for this time of year +12C. R eplaced the wire so start ed with a brand new Antenna. Found out my K9AY receive antenna gave up working definitive . Just checked the cable seems broken som e where outside . Propagation very poor  it became worse  in the very late hours instead o f getting better. I did not wait for the Sunset grey line that would not happen. Pity that propagation would again not cooperate . 265 QSO mostly EU  1229 points 38xW 9xVE best DX  K0RF  DN70   KV4FZ FK74   FM5CD FK94 heard CE1/K7CA  working USA good copy FG41 as best heard DX No t a single JA heard  no UA0  UN a very few UA9    


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