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In Category  Low power    mostly Search and P propagation high bands very good on Sunday How much longer can we enjoy this super 28MHz propagation ? Even here in north-west were 28MHz signals are normally weaker at Sunday BC WA MT OR came in well propagation was even better then in 2014 December ARRL10 Only missing State:   North Dakota , South Dakota, Nebraska last year N and S Dakota worked within 1 minute .. my goal:   6 banders    as many as possible 160m was the difficult band  17 QSO possible Trying the ARRL CW this early  morning at 160 I could not use N1MM plus  the USA call all greyed out and  logging had to be forced as invalid contact must be simple  a setting  or country list still at PACC  but I could not fix this yet But still N1MM score is 0 with 940 invalid contacts after loading wl_cty ack to N1MM clasic already sunrise I was late. Few 160 W/V signals heard  W3LPL did not hear me Saturday morning bad sign for top band. 4 QSO only   (low pow


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