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PACC contest 2021

Our National PACC HF Contest weekend,  while the halve nation was out on the ice.                   Aa canal in city Groningen.   seen from my former QTH where i was active as PA0OOS   from 1972 in those day's we had cold winters but no-one was ice skating there 40m linear loaded/ foldback dipole  PACC our national HF contest 24 hours February 13/14 is history. After some doubts  i choose the A1 section CW  100W power  Rather cold even in the shack at night i had to use an electric heather .. During the quiet periods thoughts came up saying it makes no sense energy wise , switch off the heather and on the PA.. but i did not.  Again top activity in CW many long time PACC friends seen on the bands thanks for giving out points. just a serial number and the obligatory 599 will do. A pity that no easy  28 MHz local DL OZ ON G could be logged that could have made the difference between first or second  position.  Also zero SA CW activity no PY LU in the log,  propagation was good enough.


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