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ICOM IC706 classic and FAN noise reducing

I know the IC9700 VHF UHF SHF is the latest development  SDR based sets maybe  will purchase one. From a ham friend i tested  the 144MHz all mode TR751E and its 70cm twin TR851e Very nice design, small  25-30W rf very good receiving excellent, brilliant audio RX TX with standard microphone , no need to puzzle menu settings just brilliant a pleasure to use. (except repeaters.. fuzzy settings no CTCSS) If i hear the struggle with modulation settings in the new FT991A some HAM have? Sorry enough these Kenwood's /E  version miss the essential CAT connection and CTCSS it will not work with repeaters Same aged?  IC706 classic  is still a good performer at 144MHz. and does have CAT and CTCSS  and tunes  Hz precise I had to assemble a custom desk microphone with electreet and MAX9814 amplifier to have a good modulation report the original HM100 could not bring reasonable audio Home made desk microphone electreet max9814 and blue led glow to scare off  Covid...   The classic without TCXO op


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