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Beverage removed

At our first spring type day Beverage removed.  Not nice to remove an antenna but if it has to be the weather was real pleasant for outside antenna work. No snow so far  we had no winter at all. The 2 wires bi-directional  rolled in but they twisted back again and it took me 2 hours to separately roll up the 2 wires.  Those wires have a strong memory that want them to twist back again. 2 times the wire  broke at weak spots in the struggle to untwist it again. At initial set up took 2 men all afternoon to untwist this Army field line, a real challenge! The 80m coax had a half cut and was watered in. The near switch box  also had some water drops inside , nothing damaged though. The electrical connection box was not 100% ip65  it looked water tight. The experience with the Beverage made bi-directional were below expectation. I could not choose the preferred direction NNE  but it had to be exact West / East switching E/W showed about 10dB F/B difference clearly switching


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