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U3S project 1rst time on air

After the 28MHz freq drift stabilized a bit i connected my antenna the U3S for its maiden test. PD0OHW could decode the beacon that eventually is for him as he will use PU7ZWT HI11ln but still under test and waiting for a new Si5351A pcb . My attempt to replace the Si chip on the defective PCB did not help the Si5351a error still pops up on the U3S display at boot  the I2C signals are present and the 3 ports carry RF  so the replaced Si chips work but can not communicate with Progrock or U3S For unknown reason  Hans Summers  told me the Si5351a  is not pre programmed standard. original stamp Si5351a 5351 B4DQ   447 replace chips stamp 5351 BHJN  632   although  it was relative easy to replace this very small device both PCB  still suffer same problem I was decoded  with 300mW at 28MHz  2017-03-11 06:30  PA0O/U  28.126152  +30  -4  JO33hg  0.2  PA0O  JO33hg  0  0  2017-03-11 10:52  PA0O/U  28.126160  -12  -3  JO33hg  0.2  PG0DX  JO33ce  29  252  2017-03-11 00:10


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