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ES 144 MHz

144 transverter(.store)  in  K3 Tuesday DAC 144 ES IS0OZK 20190702 1858 144299.9 USB  PA0O          57  IS0OZK           57         jm49MH    This was my first 144MHz ES contact with the K3 + XVTR  and the 200W PA build this year      including IMD splatter hard to copy But a very strong local contest DAC station blocked my receiver total!  Splatter all over 144-146... Then i took the heavy old FT221 from the shelf and this receiver almost no splatter.. with its original frontend no Mutek modification So the transverter using simple D-gate mosfet mixers is suffering IMD to much  A pity this well build XVTR was not designed with hi-level mixers and TCXO  Very low prized only 30$ complete build and ready to work. Ik hope Transverter shop will offer an improved model in future a higher prize will be justified. with modern hi-level / low IMD setup and TCXO  Only a fraction of the reported DX copied here.  I saw 2 XE2 rep


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