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6 open to USA

Just arrived home for the weekend from Germany again  like last Friday  found 6m open.. First signal heard was N3DB at 50.107   Good signal heard 1 hour   and later the evening W3LPL called   both worked before Then heard NW0W at .093   good signal from EM47 best dx heard    some time good signal  easy to QSO Then the band shifted back to South - east EU again. It is easier for W to work 1000-2000 km more as long it is in the south like SV9  NW0W 2011-07-08 15:06:01 6M CW 50.09300 already confirmed  1 hour later  WSPR was on when in DL Still  decoded by VK7DIK  regularly on 80m greyline. 160m was by mistake switched to the dummy load  that is still a bit worse than the real antenna nowadays. I need to have  a  remote antenna switch   to be able to switch between  6m and 160/80


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