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One of those rare nights with longpath to VK at 28MHz

Woow  when I entered the shack at 23:30 CET almost midnight  found 28Mhz still wide open VK2ZMT VK4CZ over no doubt longpath! Why must this be longpath? With a dipole the back and front is equal receiving but the regular morning  North-East path is the dark side of the earth or better said the no-go area for 28 and 50 MHz As we know all too well in North Europe that  we are not hearing any of the 6m DX that can be heard  in the south of Europe for months now. And if the dx path would go over the North-East we would be the first to hear it . We have to wait for Es layer to extend the south EU propagation to us. And then when we finally catch one of those rare ES extend TEP openings we are at the mercy of the south Europeans to get a break in the pile or the DX must have ears for the weaker dx behind the wall. That means all distances have to be corrected  for us in the north the path goes over south Europe and not the other way around So 16452  plus  2000-3000  19000 km r


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