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VK0EK last call

2016-04-10 08:45:40Z: Today the winds are high, but we've had some sunshine this afternoon (and graupel/hail this morning). We still have a couple radios on the air, but much of the crew is removing antennas from the lake near our camp.  Weather is partly cloudy, with a temperature of 5 C, strong north winds and high surf, and a pressure of 982 mbar. 21.034kHz they still run huge pile  not that strong here  569 at most but after some time it was bingo. Not heard anymore at 28 but at 12m good signal on the 30 60 80 dipole no 12m ant my vote for best dx-pedition  2016although I did not get many slots 28MHz would be nice  but since I heard them that one time Easter Monday 28 was complete closed WSPR 28 no! decodes for many days  as if antenna was unplugged they will reach over 75000 QSO  soon I wonder what logger they use. With N1MM+   here i get overflow error when try to open my general log of 70.000 + QSO Sunday I was a it contesting Yuri Gargarin cup heard FT4JA 5


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