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1W to ZL2FT 28MHz

 2011-10-20 07:42   PA0O   28.126098   -18   0   JO33hg   1   ZL2FT   RF70mb   18293   35 A super day again at 28MHz There was no real clean freq left on 28   Rusian taxis The typical rolling tjirps  many Japanese etc etc Tried to work 3XY1D  at 17m they had a good signal but seemed deaf  Tonight  heard them again now at 12M cw  but still "deaf" Strong on 30m CW but many calls  no response. Fast CW but low QSO rate  they must have a giant pile? But if so why give the callsigns after every QSO then? Beats me.    This seems an unworkable dxpedition for me. T32C  does hear much much better.  added some slots again. TX3T was not heard  anymore. They have moved to Marquesas isl.  now TX7M   log search of TX3T is removed too I had 4QSO  Tonight weak in CW at 17m but they picked me up! Must confess  I was not running low power. 160m again a new DXCC   FR/DJ7RJ very pleased with this one  in the  African zone where receive conditions are very difficult it


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