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Back from Egypt

I was 2 weeks in Egypt again for  QRL reason. We stayed 50 s-east of Baltim  close to the Mediterranean coast.     Thousands of hand build  dows sailing boats can be seen there. These boats are  unique. The Egyptians are decorating their trucks boats and Tuk tuk's  artistic  xtremely.    This region is the coolest part of Egypt. It can be very cool here  but this time it was nice  15 -20 mostly. Sand beaches  and dunes.   And inland farmer land typical for the Nile delta. This land is almost wetland partly it has some elements in common with our country. But still waste is dumped along roads and canals like 20 years ago. I would say a primary task of the new Egyptian government would be to clean up this.  I fact the people here live very close with nature  as we did hundred years ago. Also we did dump our waste like this. But now we have plastics with long recycle time and plastic junk is covering unused land everwhere. Also in Maroc i h


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