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Google drive eats your harddisk!

I had about  3GB free of 40G HD on this lowpower notebook I am using Dropbox  it used about 5GB HD space. It was getting a problem the HD space sunk below minimum level.. But I red this . I thought to give it a try and gain HD space It is a cloud storage service so I expect what the name implies  to store file in the WWW instead on my tiny HD... WRONG thought!  it cost you more HD space than without! Googledrive installed and instantly I lost my just freed  2.5 GB ! I can not find the G.D. storage place in my PC that takes those GBytes! Also Dropbox takes HD space but at least it shows decent where it is:  ...user/Dropbox . Be aware!  special if your HD is "only" 40GB Stick to dropbox is my advice. I had cleaned my system HD as good as possible to free about 3.5GB I got warnings low memory already The HD is only 40GB in this Notebook I did uninstall  Googledrive right away when aware ab


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