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474.200 kHz / 630m WSPR

Receive only FTTB.  using the (UN)Flex1500  the Flex1500 will TX at 471-479 kHz but outputs a  very distorted signal below 481kHz antenna  loop  or 160m inverted L tuning at base. last year used a QTX switching mode 50W pa behind the Flex1500 good result I do not believe Flexradio is going to change the firmware to include 471-479 HAM allocation. They are not as flexible as the name would indicate.. Fixradio would fit more. 0dBm  XVTR signal  below 481kHz L/C tunes 1:1.0  but very selective  needs a remote tuning motor Power SDR screen covering 473.5 to 476.5kHz  the vertical white ruler is the 200Hz WSPR window very close to the strong French speaking AM broadcast signal sidebands. at 474.582 Hz    a mirror  ? the MW starts from 512kHz   LW ends at 300kHz At our latest  radio market in Eelde  I found this  high power mediumwave VAriometer brand new ?professional piece of e


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