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TA decodes 630m first time this season

received on  loop  just switched inv-L to 160m again for E30FB 569 too late to go outside again to connect it back to the 630m tuner think the inv-L has better reception for WSPR Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2015-03-16 02:34   WE2XGR   0.475797   -29   0   FN31ls   10   PA0O   JO33hg   5796   48   2015-03-16 03:14   WE2XGR   0.475797   -28   0   FN31ls   10   PA0O   JO33hg   5796   48  CW contacts  18:04 15-03-15      472.5   DJ6CB s:599 r:599 Dix      JO42 Bremen 21:44 15-03-15      472.7 LA8AV s:579   r:569   EGIL JO59CS 21:51 15-03-15      472.5 PA3FUN s:599 r:599 CHRIS qth NR ALKMAAR 22:02 15-03-15      472.5  G3OGP s:559 r:579 ROBIN IO91SB pity N1MM still  not possible to log 472kHz contacts with force log Also TRUSTED QSL v2.0.3 does not accept 630m contacts I know only and DX map  support this new HAM allocation E30FB could be contacted using 100W  at 10 12 17 and 15 RTTY at 160m al


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