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Radio without the low-band receive loop in the Maunder minimum...

The low-band receive  loop antenna is flatted due to s torm and tree felling work around. Radio life without this extra receiving antenna is a lot less interesting.  No more receiving of the 600m USA WSPR stations. And on top-band  it is missed much. It is only a light 10m  Alu+fiber pole but in the high wind i can not erect it by myself. I  got used to the receive loop a simple switch to select N-E or N-W  the f/b is 10dB or more according to the WSPR snr figures,   another very useful aspect of WSPR  to  measure your antenna f/b     Working VP8ORK on 40m was easier using the loop in SW direction.  Strange but VP8ORK was a better copy on the loop then on the trap dipole for 7MHz. On the TX vertical I could not get a clear reception of T88ZM on 160  only at max QSB it was a good Q5 but fast QSB  makes TX timing troublesome  You don't know if you are doubling with him. Heard  CE1/K7CA  160m  very good on the vertical  but ....  he just can not receive well. Many where callin


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