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lowband receive antenna K9AY loops

Last Top-band season was extreme good with dx-peditions to the Pacific being worked on top-band.  That is my (our N-EU) ultimate DX area of course.     Then I had my Beverage out to N-E  and  was spoiled by receiving loud and clear JA 's  JD1 FK8CP  and more.  It was fun be able to hear as good as the well known top-band specialists while before  I  was only able to pick up the stronger signals from JA  now i heard them all.  Even sometimes hearing JA's return without being heard by the running station... A Beverage is a very simple antenna but needs space  and I have to wait until all sheep's are converted into Kebab  ...  So I had to do something like a loop antenna. The K9AY loop antenna relay-box it seems to work there is a strong directional effect. The antenna is connected with 120m coax6  100m from the TX vertical and shack. Receiving VQ9LA very well  few evenings in a row. Could work hime bare food last night. 9Q50ON was worked on topband remarkable easy being


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