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Just after the weekend some improvement

Monday  28 quite good with 12 VK's  active.    28MHz  Outside EU/USA/VK  the WSPR world is very empty   2 Africa  1 South America  4  Asia.. Yes ... just after the weekend Monday morning the expected  improvement of propagation is there. But with WSPR  there is no difference to Saturday or  Monday morning  this radio mode tricks out the god of propagation... I remember the Magic band also came alive  after the weekend or short before..  I bit logic because the weekend still is shorter   helas. 5/7 x100%  more chance that anything interesting happens during the work week. 160m is very poor.  Last 24 hours   no EU report >1000km!  T30RH  will be extreme difficult to catch at 160 for me. (us here) The days get longer  for the first time i came home in daylight.  .. just when i wrote this i saw VK6ZT reporting G F and me too..  2011-03-07 22:04   PA0O   1.838044   -22   0   JO33hg   5   VK6ZT   OF78sq   13966 so there is more live on 160 then i thought Possibly


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