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SONY NXP FM super tuner hot on EBAY

XDR  S3HD De hele tuner bestaat uit een paar simpele filtertjes. De 2 NXP ( PHILIPS)  chips bepalen de eigenschappen. and inside you'll find the NXP TEF6730/SAF7730 radio chipset and several adjustments. The HD module contains an SAF3550 processor and a 16MB SDRAM. een zeer goede review hier The XDR-F1HD uses advanced digital signal processing algorithms to dramatically improve reception of FM signals corrupted by noise and interference. Threshold extension  suppresses the impulse noise ordinary FM detectors generate for weak signals. The obtrusive character of this noise quickly degrades reception quality as the signal level falls below a threshold. The impulses arise from detection-vector phase reversal due to additive noise peaks. High-performance satellite and terrestrial microwave FM links have long used various threshold extension techniques to enhance performance. Tracking filter detectors that may exten


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