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CQWWCW and Murphy

Had a very good  start  at 80/160 Saturday early morning  at about 04:30 the counter was 500 QSO  had some very good runs. Then had to sleep knowing I would miss  the early 10m opening  to Asia/ VK/ZL/JA. But then Saturday after 1 QSO with a late signal of VK2IM on 10m  I could not tune the STEPPIR   and while trying this N1MM gave the "this action can not be completed because the other process is busy" MSGbox error.. brrr bad news  and these error BOX in Visual basic should not be used since it brings you in an endless error loop. I avoid these msgBoxes in programs  it is very annoying and blocking you to do any other possible actions to  fix or determine what is the problem. The msgbox pops up as soon as you try anything to open or close in N1MM. The other annoying msgbox:  "would you like to send an error report?" popup... A question upon yes or no gives the same result.       I could not  fix it by restart  it said com2 already open  but  no programs wher


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