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Time synchronise problems in W7

My Notepad W7 DELL420 clock was slowly drifting out of sync  second by second and WSPR 50MHz did not decode anymore. I use Symmtime, this program reported to synchronise the PC clock  to the selected timeserver  at the given interval 15minutes. But I was running 6 seconds  behind.  forcing synchronise did not chance the PC clock. I had windows internet time unchecked because Symmtime or Dimension 4 would take over that job?? Both did not! Dimension 4 did even report the how much the PC clock was adjusted  + or -  seconds  nice. But In real nothing was adjusted. Must have something to do with access right again. I did install not in the restricted  programs directory but in my own C:\ham\  and as  administrator  did not seem to cure it. I did re-check Windows:  synchronise with an internet time server again. Clicked sync now and instantly the PC clock was adjusted. Then I modified the default  time update interval of the Windows clock  to 1000sec (decimal)  and removed th


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