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EWB Multisim

This 10MHz RF amplifier design is drawn and optimized for gain  using Multisim 10. This Electronic workbench program is a pleasure to work with. Circuits drawing modifying and testing is easy and quick.  The ease of drawing is even outperforming Schemeit the perfect free online circuit drawing tool offered by Digikey  But version 10 does have some problems.  In the process of optimizing it sudden can go wild. The virtual meters give strange impossible values. The output sudden drops from 1.5V AC  to a few uV When checking its own simulating credibility by placing a Voltmeter direct over its own the 5V supply, erroneous values are displayed. As if the electrical rule database behind is damaged. Could not find a tool to repair it.  Only way is to go back to the latest saved working model. Multisim is now at version 14. Possible this problem is solved in newer versions. The program is a bit too expensive for hobby only.  


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