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CQ160CW CW alive and kicking

  I choose to enter the low power 100W max. contest section.   K3 i-L 25m vertical and rx Beverages E/W Since in our ADSL2+ network a "notch" is set by the KPN network provider,what a relieve! finally. TX-ing 1.8MHz  is without interfering our network TV. Did you know that  ADSL2+  is using 1-2 MHz base band ? The KPN helpdesk man and woman do not know this. Friendly people but they are schooled in "communication" that's how they call it in the University and schools it has nothing to do with technical communication but it is a sort of training to build a pleasant buffer between the public and authorities in general, many good job's to get in this field !   Thanks to a real KPN technician the ADSL2+ carriers within 1.8 -  2.0 are switched off, called a notch. This is the only way to get rit of 1.8MHz RFI in the network all other methodes failed. My result at Sunday morning band close  630Q  ZF5T XE2X 2-way great receiving !  75 multi's 17 states  Poor pr


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