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Virtualbox Windows 10 crash report and VHF Propagation

6m and 4m Radio is quiet after a period of huge ES  that's ended last Friday night. First I was not being heard by UT1FG/MM from FL69 56 in chat with KP4 one of those evenings evening nothing seemed to work.  What power levels are they running at the other side? 5-10 kW?     I quit   much later came back at the radio heard YV4NN cq'n  CW gd copy not so strong but he also did not hear and faded out then all signals lost for 5 days. No more 4X1RF 50MHz decodes no tropo  nothing! Until today Thursday 34C  ... some decodes at  6M WSPR  LA5TFA in JP99 ===================================================== Windows 10 experience W10 technical preview in Virtual machine that did run fine over last month Sudden failed to start and came with blue screen. I had to select keyboard layout?  like new install but different... At same time keyboard and mouse where lost. That's what I call a hang-up .. Then a weird popup showed:   Guru Meditation hmm


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