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WSPR screens 24hrs 70 50 MHz . SolarEdge PV converter 24*7 QRM!

70MHz 50MHz                                         50MHz RFI  picture of SolarEdge SE8K PVC at 50m distance Finally  i found the noise source that was frustrating weak signal reception here at the high frequencies. I took again my IC706 with a small motor bike battery to investigate better this time. I had to improvise with the rig I have the old but fb IC706 a bit heavy but good. I really need a  selective broad spectrum receiver  that covers the whole HAM radio spectrum. The SDR RTL USB 40-1800MHz receiver is a thing that could do that job. But this RTL stick is only working stable / reliable with W10  I could not use it with W7  and it is  missing the short wave bands below 40MHz The red Pitaya SDR could be the best device a reason more the purchase this miracle  device..  The above 50MHz spectral QRM source is my neighbors  SOLAREDGE  SE8K at 50 distance. My normal noise floor is below -60dB but since about a year my low noise environment is

WSPR screens 24hrs 70 50 MHz

                                          10 4 6m   QRM    200 kHz  repeated  in direction North  , still searching for the source .  it is 24x7 weak QRM


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