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PJ6D worked on 6 m

I had 160/80m WSPR mode running this week when in Germany for QRLthe lows band having a hard time for DX now.At 160m A45SWL sometimes decodes me.  80m little better T61AA  and VK7DIK few times. I had no internet access in the hotel i went to a nice cafe but even there access was slow i could not control wspr remote some evenings. Friday evening back home switched to 6m  wspr  but nothing heard. Then saw KP4EIT spots from ON/ south PA 50.110 did not hear him. PJ6D was reported 50.106  QSX up 2 After some time hearing only calling stations suddenly  a clear signal from PJ6D came in! woow DX Could work him after some time. Then he became  even a bit loud here in JO33hg He was working into KN78 !  One SV was complaining  about not hearing..  I could not feel real sorry for him  I was thinking  pay your bills first. I know that is not fair  but I could not help.. And thought about being  born in Greece.. I would be retired some 15 years now all the time in the world to work DX .


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