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UBUNTU Virtualbox AD9850

June first week no interesting DX 50 or 4m  dead bands most of  the time. Gray skys cool and some rain after our punishment for the one day summer..   Boring  all bands closed short wave and VHF! Time for other things.  Ordered 3B9FR QSL by  the paypal service of M0OXO .. first time I used this to get  Checking  6m DXCC confirmed it is a bit.. behind  170 cfm'd of 212  I wonder if I ever can get those old cards  Somewhere I strongly feel that the 3B9FR was the only new one this season. the other opening??  30seconds ???  to 5Z0L was missed. That morning I was working to improve the 6m antenna mast was down bad timing. Now the 4 ele seems to work more optimal very directional  hopefully it brings the dBd that matches the hardware  about 4m50 boom. Only surprise was that one warm evening  I was called on the local chat frequency 145.525MHz vertical 10W  by M0TLX Dave in IO94hw 500+km  Even better signal at 433.525MHz like a local! I had to give


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