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  sfi >100   10m was open to VK3 6  HS  15 open to W including few zone CA 3 at Sunday late afternoon special for us here in the north..  normal in OK and S-EU ?   low bands not special Regretting  not having placed my 40m folded rotatable dipole that performed well. heard well 8Q7ZO at 80m sunday evening but as always someone was brainless  calling  double forcing 8Q7ZO QRT!. Making  QSO impossible.  It sounded like d-QRM  i should have noticed that om's call sign   should be disqualified  i had some N1MM issues with comport COM4 being suddenly unavailable after all those years..... And the i had some hangups mostly during pileups N1MM froze some 5 seconds the log window darkened and then after some time it recovered  not seen this before   the latest N1MM version is loaded  1.0.8744.0


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