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6m propagation back to default summer WX back to autumn.

After the short and last weeks only? opening here Friday afternoon and evening. the band returned to default noise. Only sometimes SV CT beacons where in. Not even  decoded by VK7DIK last night on 80m Crisis! 6m WSPR running all day not a single decode or trace.  is offline tonight for unknown reasons again.  The bands are abandoned everyone is camping in France ? Still could not use the Versa tower.  cable's are rolled out to the other end of the barn. The obstructing tree is trimmed. All is prepared  but the top rotor section can not be found to test the cable. The 6m season is going to an end soon  as far as it was ever present .. The only  usable opening to BA4SI   was missed..  XV1X  not heard TJ not heard here J88ARC only the beacon. Just a few interesting DX locations active WSPR 6m   T61AA  4X4 OD5 CN8LI  KP4 WA1. Noone in CT2 CT3 EA8 D4 PJ     most om's prefer QRT instead of setting up a beacon in WSPR  that is clear. Still it is July the ES


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