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recordings of T33A and K9W Wake Island.

This evening weak but workable T33A and first time heard K9W 40m rather weak possible not the best propagation tonight but my first time to copy them. Just fixed my 30/40m inverted V Used rotary dipole for 40m.   Lot of QRI  including the crazy  QRX / "contester"  Dx-pedition jammer  I have lost a bit my taste for joining DX-pedition pileup's with all the anti ham-spirit that comes with it. But could not ignore these interesting DX-peditions because of this. So I listened and tried just to ignore the deliberate QRI just as if it not existing. Just wait until the jammer(s)  get tired and keep on listening for the right moment to call. I  check my rig settings  to prevent unwanted simplex calling. And If some ham makes that mistake  just do not join the up up concert causing more QRM then the HAM that send's simplex by mistake.   When tuning I check the tune freq before and in between to prevent QRM-ing  not like some hams seem to do. Just start tuning o


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