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Baofeng UV5R accu eliminator part2

Received 2 very small DC-DC converters from China. How is it possible 1€ free shipping from China? Decided to break open  the  "accu eliminator" I payed 15€ local prize   loosing warranty but this type adapter does not work.    From China 5€ for the cartridge and power cord and 1 €  for the dc-dc regulator still is a bargain The plastic case had to be forced open with a knife Inside as expected a linear regulator with a 7808 A much too small heath sink  for 6W heath loss and  thermal protection trips after a minute with a UV5R.  I did not hear about problems with this adapter? must have  been  first one sold? The dc-dc converters need minimum 470uF elco on the output to filter switching ripple      I did not have a suitable 9V suppressor TVS diode for over voltage protection.   like a   Unipolar Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode 5kW Break Down: 8,33V...10,2V 5mA Max Clamping: 14,3V  350A DO204 10+€ 0,30   5KP7.5C    but crazy 7.5€ shippi


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