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JA9IPF 6m JT65

Grumbling can help ..just when I wanted typing:  I can't hear any serious DX here. I see JA9IPF -5! replying for  PE1HXK    the first time  Japan in JT65  on the screen I called CQ  low in the window 800Hz   i saw Henk did not reply to JA9IPF DX exception to JA   JA9IPF and JA9AVA heard in QSO with JT1CS  and faded opening was too short for more  i did not call CQ earlier i lost faith for DX... Normally DX is not reaching JO33hg so if grumbling helps i try again... why can i never ever hear a BY BV3PU  or JT1CS here  like G4FUF can, as long i have been on 6m G4FUF seems to hear and work every DX I can only dream of.  Building a better antenna? I tried several longer beams including the quiet LFA   but it never seems to make much difference The ground wave beacons are weak and stay weak  no matter how much aluminium was up in the mast. And why at  prime rare DX time , "local" ground wave ham's keep responding a  cq DX? sure i like to reply any


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