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It's a struggle W7 i see no improvement against even W2000 !

N1MM on my Lenovo W510 W7-64   with USB<->serial Prolific After installing yet another Prolific driver  I tested again with N1MM on the laptop.  At first some hours all was working normal but then suddenly again  the frequency readout and ruler in N1MM  starts to play wild . Complete random frequency's where shown. it hangs after some time communication poll still runs with K3 but crazy display. Reset radio's will bring it back to normal. Still not solved will have to get another USB converter based on the FTDI chip/driver to point out where this problem is coming from. Another thing in W7  some button text no longer fits in the objects.  Now I am testing with a rs232 breakout  box and will try to monitor the data over the port. The same Prolific is working okay with WSJT and WSPR I could run WSPR 24hours without errors Also WSJT  the latest version 7.07 runs good  except for some error messages in the dos-box regarding to MSSQL access. It seems WSJT is assumi


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