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FT5ZM a topband triple

Yess this evening better signal here  1826.5  QSX dwn  heard him working JA's and then SV8CV?   found QSX and just 2 calls lucky in a QSB peak  "easy"  much easier then the other bands. I think it was Nodir  hearing good at 160m  A nice surprise  I will not try  much on other frequencies since  I do not like blind calling with high power. 160m is relative my best band here I know if I hear one I can work him. Other bands  need hundreds of calls to get reply. F.i. a 559 569 signalat 10115kHz  they do not seem to be very busy, long receive pauses low QSO rate and even some CQ's. But calling with 100w  seems absolute useless.  Is it the OM power >2kW PA  in combination with high noise?   I will not pollute the bands further with useless calls anymore unless they reach  S7-9 level. Tonight 3 top band signals from the Indian Ocean in one evening! 20:18 1833.7  8Q7BM  weak 519  but workable  the stron


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