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Rusian OTH 80m 24*7*? WSPR wrong band report

Since a few weeks the Rusian OTH radar is active again  Covering the 200Hz  WSPR  window at 80M     3594.1 kHz  WSPR screen looks like this  The straight horizontal lines indicate  a very stable frequency base better then 1hz. WSPR shows the slightest frequency drifting or Doppler effects during Aurora very clearly. It sound like thi s : N ot that we wil l loose DX t here simply are no DX decodes last weeks to east.  Except some rare USA in the morning at 80m. 160m  best DX  is not even over 1000k m. The season is closed ftb.  WSPR  using  band hopping  sometimes reports th e wrong band. This usual happens when  manually switching band . Ban d hopping then seems to loose track of the band to report . That is what I experience .   Tonight this happened again but this time I was not at the radio.  B and-switching    4m and 80m  was checked.   I saw this when coming back in the shack: 2138  -7 -0.5   3.594112  0

Tropo in winter time

Enthusiastic report about the super 2m tropo in January I have 70.091 MHz running   sometimes  reports  623km or  over 500km  to G  or DL the only  70 MHz wspr station outside PA and G in EU  2013-03-30 08:48   PA0O   70.092490   -13   -2   JO33hg   5   DF4UE/325   JN48rr   542   157 The Winter seems endless  still snow and ice  March 30  "No" propagation on HF anymore.. 

The good old CHKDSK saved me

Installing S7 Simatic V55 sp3  from my external HD ended in a crash. Installing Simatic software is a.p.i.t.a.   It takes hours and often ends premature with cryptic  error messages Like:  you have no sufficient rights to access  ... the program you are just installing as administrator!.. Or   invalid drive E: while you are installing from DVD drive F:  ... Since installing from DVD station F:   was terminated with error msg no access drive E:   I thought to be smart and copied the install program to my USB drive 1T ADATA   as drive E: This time the drive E: access error did not appear  The install stopped in a crash anyway I was not surprised  it is a Siematic install.. After that my USB HD was damaged  no access possible Win Explorer freezes when trying to open ADATA CH94 (E:) that was now renamed to E: only the message:  drive E: has to be reformatted to use it.. That would mean complete data loss   350 GB   of  931GB ooops Googeling  I hit on using chkdsk /

DX peditions

3506 Yesterday sunset 2 x identify T2GM call that was it Today nothing heard from T2GM at 3506.5   propagation was reset after the Aurora Sunday. I was hoping for some opening to T2GM  they hear well, hearing them there is a reasonable chance  for  a QSO Unlike H44G H40T     they have serious receiving problems you have to hear them "loud" at least 4-5 S-units to overcome the QRN level. 20130319 1801  14005.7 CW   PA0O         599  H44G            599                     20130318 1730  10104.0 CW   PA0O         599  T2GM            599   easy  they rx well               20130318 1824  10115.1 CW   PA0O         599  H44G            599                    


arctic flutter but good copy at 14.015 kHz   in the middle of the RUDX contest!  I called with some power  but like with H44G no reply at all. 9M4SLL  on 28001kHz  not strong    aware of the RUDX contest intelligent frequency choice    2 calls only for them real good expedition  H44G H40T is +5000km difficult path over the pole  The dark time is too short for 80 and 160   only weak here 30dB weaker then east of us   9M4SLL is a much easier path for us  General poor propagation  in the RUDXC    


9 M4SLL real loud on 3803kHz  in phon e too but crazy zoo pile h44g worked on 40m  but very weak heard on 80m good copy about 539 cle ar on k9ay but they have high QRN  and hear bad  like all H44 until now already confirmed in LOTW Details PA0O 9M4SLL 2013-03-12 16:44:38 30M CW 10.11017 SPRATLY ISLANDS Details PA0O 9M4SLL 2013-03-11 21:52:42 160M CW 1.81330 SPRATLY ISLANDS Details PA0O 9M4SLL 2013-03-10 21:56:51 80M CW 3.52404 SPRATLY ISLANDS


 Die Spratly Tragödie 1983 Almost 30 years ago tonight 9M4SLL heard at  160 wkd at 80   earlier H44G very weak at 80m But al propagation seems shifted to South EU. Signals are very weak and if something interesting is heard a lot of QRI  tuning and deliberate QRM makes you want to switch of radio. If 9M4SLL  says OH1? OH1? again pse.. Then the pile just keeps the same... everyone  keeps calling as if there is no relation with whatever 9M4SLL says How different is this when listening to a pile of state side signals There is no discipline in Europe plus deliberate jamming is common now at every DX that attracks HAM's A cluster spot and a zoo is starting.  I must admit that it sometimes happens to me calling simplex when split is asked. The K3 split setting is lost when swapping bands. A short check at 80m and back to 160 a K3 owner has to check every time whether the K3 is still operating shift frequency before calling. if not   CONFIG:SP

TX5K 9 bands CW complete

I am bragging a bit, it was not such a difficult thing even with the simple antenna's here it could be done. All DX QSO's are easy if the operator and rigs on the other side are as good as at XT5K. Also the DX path is not the most difficult one. Morning for 160 80 40 30 and afternoon and evening for 20 17 15 12 10. Friday afternoon 10m was the missing band this time I started right at their QSX  2 call's only and 10m CW was checked. If  I had known that I would not have chased the impossible weak signal at 10 Yesterday evening although it was odd to hear them at 10m that late hour. Friday afternoon good signal  CW    no SSB heard at 10 Listening  12 15 and 17m phone I realised that a phone QSO was not realistic.  By numbers  arrrgg ! huge piles with low QSO rate.  Glad to have them CW on all bands. Thanks to super CW operators with good ears for EU in the more difficult zones behind the Italians and other 599+20  county's. Saturday morning H


Was home late tonight, I thought well to late for the high band evening peak to TX5K   O ne of the 2 fin al ev ening s to catch them. But amazingly I could still hear them very weak at 28033 with a big pile.  At 24903 CW 20hour local good signal. W orked on the 80m vertical. There was a sort of second window at 28MHz about 21 hour local could copy well at times 519 N ormal the best time is about 1 7 18 loca l for 28MHz but Clipperton is a special location. N ot strong enough to make it in the 10m log this time. Th e pile was too big and most other EU south of me including PA 's  reported stronger signals . now worked 8 ban d  10m is left.     GREAT EARS at TX5K       21 14 18MHz very weak signal here late tonight b ut relati v e easy to work almost real-time confirmed  by DXA. P ossible the piles weakened a bi t most Balkan and S-EU hams must already be in the log. for 18.83MHz I used my 80m vertical that one does match on 17m. DXA is the most luxu

T88xh 40m

TX5K   28033CW  too weak but detectable here late afternoon when home again. 15m vy good signal but no luck in the pile  too many S-EU in competition still 17m very weak only  20m not heard yet.. Again  S23XV  cq'ing  at 3505kHz up 1 to 579   super signal  but Vadim if it was him real, must have high power in a hi noise area he never responds until now Only able to work few EA UA 's  he will need a receive antenna for me. But T88XH  40CW was  a good one nice DX  and workable...


T he early bird catches the worm .  de morgenstond heeft goud in de mond . Signals amazingly strong all the way from Clipperton. I expected to maybe hear something but not signals like that. This morning  before  QRL I had about 1 hour   just about match ing the optimal time for Clipperton on the low bands .  About 519  549 clear copy on the loop at 160  It did not took many calls to confirm the QSO not like my struggle on higher bands. Then quick QSY to 80m 3533kHz   QSX up 2-5 Amazing strong signal at 80  579 clear copy and  fast operating. Gaining receive time by skipping call and up EU non information tail after each contact. Just up says it all . I like that style. Very good operators they know to handle the EU pile very well.  I am not only saying this because I made  it in the log. T he jammers  not awake yet , probably after a long night of jamming and annoying DX   At 80m the pile was bigger after 30

TX5K enzo

FB signaal op 40m en 30m CW  569 Erg laat geworden daardoor 160 en 80 niks geworden in de vroege ochtend. Ik zag meldingen van goede signalen op 80 / 160 in EU foutje. TX5K op 40m wel met heel veel moeite 100++++ calls toen was het 599 tu maar iets later op 30 relatief snel in het log. Op 15m mooi signaal.  Maar  na een uur roepen zonder resultaat heb ik het nu wel gehad het is mijn stiel niet. Gekkenwerk   en dat word ook regelmatig  als aanvullende QRM geseint "idiots"   De pile is nu gewoon te groot. Meerdere keren zat ik op de QSX maar er zitten meerdere lagen tegen stations over de hele QSX band.  Zelf als het per ongeluk dan wel lukt in het log te komen denk ik nog wat een moeite en geweld en QRM voor een simpel QSO'tje  waar je in een contest in 10 seconden mee klaar bent. Dan maar proberen  Bangladesh S21XV  op  3505  up 1.5  zeer mooi signaal 559  en heel weinig takers. De paar verbindingen die hij maakte verliepen wel moeizaam. Helaas ook hier ble


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